What does Inodes Limit Mean?

In Unix-style computer systems, think of an inode as a special card that holds important information about your files and folders, like who can access them and where they are stored. Each file and folder gets its own card.

Almost all web hosting services, including Free-Hosting.org, set limits on the number of these cards you can have. You can check how many you've used in your Control panel, but remember, only files and folders count, not databases.

Why do we set these limits?

Well, the more cards you have, the longer it takes to find things, which can slow down the system for everyone using it. Free-Hosting.org has to make sure things run smoothly because they offer shared hosting.

If you reach your card limit, your website will still work, but you won't be able to create any more files or folders.

But don't worry, as long as you keep your card count under 80%, you're in good shape. If you need to free up some cards, just delete files and folders you don't need anymore. You can start by looking for unused addon domain folders. There are some cards that can't be deleted, but they won't cause a big problem for your card count.