Reset your account and start fresh

To start fresh with your account, you might want to reset it. However, doesn't offer a reset option due to legal and regulatory requirements. But you can still achieve a reset by following these steps:

Manual Account Reset:

  1. Log in to your Control Panel for the account you want to reset.
  2. Remove everything from "Addon Domains," "Sub Domains," and "Parked Domains."
  3. Get rid of all databases by navigating to "MySQL Databases."
  4. Delete everything from the "htdocs" directory of your main account using the "File Manager." Repeat this step for the "htdocs" directory of every domain folder.

That's it! Your account is now reset. Keep in mind that domain directories won't be deleted, but this shouldn't cause any issues. You can start setting up everything from scratch.

Starting from Scratch

Alternatively, you can create a completely new website account from your control panel. Just remember that if you had previously added "Addon Domains," "Sub Domains," or "Parked Domains" to your old account and want to add them to the new account, you'll need to remove them from the old account first.